Our Programs

When the harsh winds of trauma blow out the innocent candles of childhood, we are there to help reignite the flames. Here is how we do that for Arizona's children in foster care under the Yavapai Juvenile Court- Prescott.


Adoption Exchange Mailbox

A safe way for biological and adoptive families to be in touch with one another about the child.

Christmas Gifts

A Christmas gift drive where all gifts are set up in a store like fashion for foster families to "shop" for free gifts to make Christmas special for this foster kiddos.

Family Visitation Center

A safe and private location for parents, on the path to reunification, to have supervised visits with their children currently in foster care.

Celebration Cards

Given to CASAs and DCS workers to celebrate milestones or achievements of the foster children they serve.

Clothing Initiative

Providing foster kids under the care of the Prescott Court with emergency clothing cards and a clothing allowance bi-annually.

Grants for Kids

Grants provide items needed by foster children that are not covered by other sources.

Keys To Success

A program designed to help youth aging out of the Arizona foster care system in Western Yavapai County.