Helping foster children have and experience the things that will give them a well-rounded childhood.


Through Grants for Kids, YC4KF provides items needed by foster children that are not covered by other sources. These include but are not limited to:
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Camps & family vacations
  • Computers
  • Registration fees for sports and equipment
  • Classes
  • Prom
  • And much more

Grants for Kids Guidelines

  • Grant Requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Decisions are often made within 3 business days but can take 5-7.
  • Grant checks usually appear in the mail between 7-10 business days after approval.
  • Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation grant Chairperson can approve grant application of $300 or less.
  • Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation grant Committee can approve grant applications of $500 or less.
  • Approval from the Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation Board is required for grant applications $501 and above.
Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation will generally NOT fund  such requests as the following:
  • Applications requesting reimbursement for funds spent prior to Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation approval

  • Automobiles

  • Services or benefits which are available from other public, private, or governmental agencies

  • Debt relief

  • Kindergarten enrollment

  • Modeling classes

  • Orthodontia

  • Theme park admission (out of state)

Apply for a grant

Anyone can apply on behalf of eligible youth in foster care. Apply online or download and print the paper version and return it to either or PO Box 12457 Prescott, AZ 86304.