our Mission

The mission of Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation is to serve the unmet needs of abused, neglected, and abandoned children who are in the care of the Yavapai County Juvenile Court – Prescott and qualified youth who have aged out of that court’s jurisdiction. In addition, we support the work of the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program and the CASA volunteers.

The driving force behind what we do are our core values of commitment, passion, and integrity.

  • We have the commitment to serve the neglected and abused children in Yavapai County with respect for everyone involved in their cases.
  • We have the passion to persevere and succeed in the CASA mission to help each child thrive in a safe, permanent and nurturing home.
  • We have the integrity to operate with the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, confidentiality, and accountability to the children we serve, CASA volunteers, donors, and partners.

Our Impact by the numbers

Spent on foster youth through our programs in 2019
Worth of clothes given to foster youth in Spring 2020
Raised in 24 hours on AZ Gives Day 2020
Children in Foster Care in We Serve


An average of 25 children are taken from their families and placed in foster care, each day, in Arizona. Many of these kids arrive in care with only the clothes on their backs. They experience immense trauma as their sense of normalcy is stripped from them. There are 400 of these kids in Yavapai County. 400 kids, at a disadvantage statistically who just need a little extra attention, care, and help. When the harsh winds of trauma blow out the candles of innocence, it’s up to us to reignite the flame. We do this by helping foster kids be able to do everything a non-foster child would have the opportunity to do. Everything from having a bike to ride, going to prom, to having their first birthday party, and much more. Supporting a child, is changing a life.